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How to Protect Your Tesla – Tesla Care FAQ

Red Tesla Model at Accutint Bellevue

Have you noticed a spike in Tesla ownership over the last few years? We have, especially here in Bellevue … it’s like Bellevue is Tesla Central. We’ve also noticed that many Tesla owners have a passion for maintaining their Tesla’s great looks. They want to know the most appropriate methods for protecting the interior and exterior of the Model 3, Y, S or X.

To serve the growing number of Tesla owners, technicians from each department at Accutint Bellevue compiled the Tesla owners’ most frequently asked questions below.

If you’d like to schedule a service for your Tesla, call us at (425) 213-1060 or submit a request using the form at the bottom of this page. We’d be happy to answer any questions we may have missed on our list of FAQs.

Protecting Your Tesla’s Interior

How Can I Prevent Staining in My Tesla’s Interior?

Well, if you don’t enter the vehicle, don’t consume food or beverages in the car, don’t let others ride in your car, don’t allow pets in your car, or … Just kidding! You purchased this beautiful car to drive, drive, drive. So do just that, worry free with the appropriate protections in place.


Tesla’s “Ultra White” interior for Dual Motor Model 3s back in 2018, prompted many questions about the seats’ durability and stain resistance. While most Tesla owners can attest to the easy clean-up of the white interior, there’s always risk with white seats — especially if kids, dogs, and/or other “stain causers” are present (like lattes, coffee, burgers on the fly, etc.). Hint: If you’re picky about interior stains, don’t get the white interior!


Our top recommendation for protecting the interior surfaces in your Tesla from staining, UV damage and wear? Opti-Guard Fabric, Leather & Vinyl Coatings — durable hydrophobic coatings that protect interior surfaces including leather, vinyl and fabric materials. 

  • Opti-Guard Fabric Coating: For fabric seats, carpets, fabric convertible tops and other textile surfaces. Bonds with the fibers and repels liquids, prevents staining.
  • Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl Coating and UV Inhibitor: Protects against cracking, premature aging; resists color transfer and staining. Matting agent maintains original factory appearance.


Put simply, Tesla carpets are unforgiving, and Tesla stock mats are no match for the Northwest’s rain and slush, especially if you live an active lifestyle. We recommend investing in weatherproof, all-season floor mats that cover as much of the floor as possible to help you maintain a healthy-looking carpet. And, Opti-Guard Fabric Coating adds extra protection for your carpets, just in case!

What About Protecting or Changing the Appearance of my Tesla’s Center Console?

Great question! If you’re most concerned with the look of your center console, you should consider custom vinyl wraps for your Tesla’s interior. Our team can wrap high-traffic areas of your interior like the center console, dashboard, or door handles to prevent scratches and wear from regular use or enhance the interior’s looks (carbon fiber look or matte/gloss/satin finish).

Protecting Your Tesla’s Exterior

Which Services Would You Recommend to Protect the Exterior of my Tesla?

Scratching and paint chips are significant issues with any car, including Teslas. To keep your Tesla looking new, we recommend two complementary services:

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film, also commonly referred to as a “Clear Bra,” is urethane film, usually clear but a matte finish and some colors are available. It’s the second best protection against rocks, gravel, road debris, scuffs, and abrasions (the first best would be not driving your vehicle at all). Most important is covering the “front facing” surfaces (bumper, headlights, hood, fenders, sideview mirrors). Teslas are very aerodynamic, easy on the eyes, but their sloped hoods practically invite rock chips. To ensure your entire hood is protected, we recommend our Partial Plus package at a minimum.

Our XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF is made of special elastomeric polymers that “self-heal,” eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without having to do anything. 

But wait, there’s more! Accutint Bellevue offers a 15% discount on all Tesla Clear Bra packages: Partial Front, Partial Plus, Full Front, Full Body Wrap. Yes, many of our Tesla customers have opted for a “full body wrap.” They choose XPEL Ultimate Plus (clear film) to retain the original shiny, reflective look or XPEL Stealth (matte film) to achieve matte finish, adding individuality to their Tesla.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are durable, long-lasting, clear liquid ceramic coatings (silicon carbide) that chemically bond with and protect a vehicle’s paint and other surfaces. They have superior durability, thickness and UV protection and scratch, chemical and mar resistance. Coatings are also more hydrophobic and have better dirt release properties over traditional protectants, making them both easier to wash and more likely to stay clean for longer.

Having a ceramic coating on your vehicle also reduces the likelihood of permanent paint etching from things like water spots, bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, etc. — one of the best ways of protecting your Tesla! 

Sounds pretty great, huh? While ceramic coatings protect against many things, there are a number of things they don’t protect against: dents, dings, rock chips, deep scratches, fire, vicious animal attacks, car accidents, crazy ex-friends, or the scary disgruntled old guy “courtesy washing” your vehicle back behind the dealership with a dirty broom.

If you’re alright with ceramic coatings’ limitations, Accutint Bellevue offers Opti-Coat ceramic coatings in both single-coat and dual-coat options. Our dual-coat option, Opti-coat ProPlus, provides longer durability and increased gloss, surface slickness and hydrophobic properties than the single coat options. Give us a call if you’d like to get started!

GlassParency Window Treatment

There’s a lot of glass on all Tesla models. It’s part of the reason they look so cool! 

Especially in the PNW, however, we recommend investing in a window treatment to protect your vehicle but, more importantly, to protect yourself. Our GlassParency window treatment repels water and slush like it’s its job (which, it kind-of is), reducing glare and improving visibility so you can drive safely in any weather conditions.

Does a Chrome Delete Protect My Tesla At All?

Tesla with chrome delete at Accutint Bellevue

Nope, but it sure does look sleek. A chrome delete is essentially a custom vinyl wrap that hides, or “deletes,” the chrome trim around the vehicle’s windows and certain badges. Though purely aesthetic, we certainly get frequent information requests from Tesla owners. Contact us for more information on chrome deletes!

Have More Questions About Protecting Your Tesla?

Some other questions we can answer about your Tesla:

  • How do you guys install window tint on the rear window of the Model 3?
  • How does window tint on my Tesla benefit me?
  • If I have my Tesla protected with a Clear Bra, are there special instructions for exterior maintenance?
  • How often should I wash my Tesla if I have a Clear Bra and the Ceramic coating?
  • When installing Clear Bra:
    • Do you guys remove the hood emblem or go around it?
    • What do you do about the cameras on the front fenders?
    • Do you guys do the rear hatch in one piece or seam it?
    • I have a rear spoiler on my hatch. Will you remove it or film around it?

Give us a call! You can contact the Accutint Bellevue team by calling (425) 213-1060 or submitting the form below with your specific question. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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