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GlassParency Windshield Treatment

Protect your windshield. Protect yourself.

GlassParency windshield treatment protects windows from damage and increases driver visibility in challenging weather


Your Windshield

Every windshield serves the same purpose: it is your viewpoint for the road ahead, and anything you can do to enhance that view is worth doing.

What is the Nature of Glass?

When we think of glass, we think of a surface that’s perfectly smooth, clear and transparent. However, at the molecular level, glass is porous with microscopic hills, peaks and valleys that refract light and collect tiny particles. This irregular plane causes a strong adhesion with water and creates microscopic “contact points” in the glass. Road debris that impact these “contact points” can cause significant damage.

GlassParency Enhances and Protects

More than just a coating that can peel and blister over time, GlassParency is a patented chemical application that fuses molecularly with glass to form a hydrophobic barrier. GlassParency is a two-part chemical application engineered to react to glass (silica). Unlike many other glass coatings on the market, GlassParency is not a wax or topical treatment. It is a long term solution for protecting your glass.


  • Repels ice, snow, rain and sleet
  • Improves clarity and visibility
  • Increases driver reaction time
  • Glare reduction – night, day and during inclement weather.
  • Deflects small road debris to reduce glass damage
  • Easier bug splatter removal
  • Reduced ice and snow adherence; resulting in easier removal and faster defrosting.
  • Seals the glass to protect against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup
  • Glass stays cleaner, easier to clean
  • Increased safety

WARRANTY: Every GlassParency automotive application is backed by the manufacturer’s 3-year product warranty. This warranty ensures the product will perform at its peak level as long as the glass is properly maintained.

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