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Auto Detailing

Get That New Car Feeling All Over Again

Car detailing can be far more than washing, vacuuming, cleaning windows and dust collecting air vents or removing caked-on mud from wheels and wheel wells. It can include “paint correction” to improve faded, stained or scratched paint. And can address dirty and stained interior surfaces and unpleasant odors.

Detailing should be part of your regular car maintenance schedule. It keeps your car looking great and can extend the life of the car’s paint and interior leather and fabrics.

The Problem

  • Exterior: dirt, mud, stains, tar/sap, scratches/swirls and dents
  • Interior: spills, stains, odor, fading, aging leather, animal hair, normal wear and tear

The Solution

  • Professional service and attention to detail
  • A variety of packages to suit your car detailing needs
  • Top of the line products and quality cleaning agents


How often should my vehicle be washed?

Simply wash your vehicle when is dirty. Always remove bug splatter, bird droppings, pitch, sap and road tar ASAP as the acids within will permanently scar your paint.

How often should be vehicle be waxed?

You should wax 2 to 6 times per year depending on numerous factors, including: is it a daily driver? weather/ climate? type of car wash soap (some soaps are harsher than others); type of wax (with durability, all waxes are not equal). We recommend synthetic, liquid spray waxes, no paste or Carnauba wax.

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