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Accutint Bellevue team smiles in front office, wearing matching shirts, standing under AB logo on wall

Accutint Bellevue is a team of professional technicians with a mission of providing superior services and installations to our discerning clientele.  Automotive Services: we specialize in Window Tinting, Paint Protection, Ceramic Coatings, Auto Detailing, and Vehicle Wraps for all vehicle models from basic to exotic. Our team of specialists assures a quality installation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are “car people” and understand how much your vehicle means to you, that’s why we care for every vehicle like it’s our own. Residences and Commercial Buildings: our expertise with quality protection doesn’t stop at vehicles. The Accutint Bellevue team provides a host of window solutions for residential homes and commercial buildings. We use LLumar window film, a scratch-resistant and easy-to-maintain material that offers heat control, UV protection, and an aesthetic that seamlessly fits to your layout and design. Learn more about the extensive products we carry on our Product page or contact us and find out how we can put our passion for perfection to work for your needs.


Meet the Team

J. DeBruler, Owner and Managing Member at Accutint Bellevue
J. Debruler

Managing Member
J. is an avid sports car driver, motorcycle rider, snow skier, and all-around outdoorsman. Growing up in Magnolia, he’s the 3rd generation of the Seattle-based DeBruler family. After graduating from Queen Anne High School, he earned a BA in Finance from the University of Washington. In 1969, following his US Army service, J. became an investment advisor and in 2003 began investing in real estate. He is married, has two children, five grandchildren, and two pups.
Likes: Driving (especially backroads), Experiencing the World with Melinda, Spending Time With Our Dogs
Dislikes: Close-minded People, Dishonesty, Left Lane Blockers
Favorite Car: My 2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Sport Turismo 😄

Melinda “Mel” DeBruler

Managing Member
Melinda, a.k.a. “Mother Mel,” co-founded Accutint Bellevue with her husband, J.. In addition to her responsibilities at Accutint Bellevue, she tends to their lively pups.
Likes: Time With Best Friends (J. and our dogs), Saturday Afternoon Lunch With J., Funny Movies, Smell of Freshly Mowed Grass, Fall Colors, Hummingbirds, RV Travel
Dislikes: Spicy Food, Malfunctioning Electronics, Disorganization
Favorite Car: My 2021 Toyota Landcruiser, and Maybe Racing Yellow Porsche 911 Turbo S 🙂

Alden Graebner, Operations Manager

Alden Graebner

Operations Manager / Flat Glass Manager

Likes: Golf, Reading, Friends
Dislikes: Rainy Weeks, Missed Expectations, Traffic
Favorite Car: Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Nariya Bun, Front Desk Manager at Accutint Bellevue

Nariya Bun

Front Desk Manager

Likes: Dancing, Flowers, Swimming
Dislikes: Negative Energy, Tomatoes, Coffee
Favorite Car: Lamborghini Huracán

Megan Hildebrand, Ancillary Front Desk at Accutint Bellevue

Megan Dahl

Ancillary Front Desk Professional

Likes: Family Time, Epiphanies, Helping Others
Dislikes: Marshmallows, Disingenuous People, Spiders
Favorite Car: Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Black

Leyla Royal, Service Advisor at Accutint Bellevue

Leyla Royal

Service Advisor

Likes: Sushi, Vacations, French Bulldogs
Dislikes: Rain, Bad Drivers, Spiders
Favorite Car: Lamborghini Urus

Karl Buggert, Automotive Tint Manager

Karl Buggert

Automotive Tint Manager

Likes: Family, Cars, Motorcycles
Dislikes: Peas, Traffic, People with No Sense of Humor
Favorite Car: 2016 Dodge Viper ACR

Mario Martinez, Detail Technician

Mario Martinez

Window Tint Technician

Likes: Sun, Beer, Cars
Dislikes: Cold Weather, Wine, Rain
Favorite Car: McLaren 720S

Ben Aker, Window Tint Technician at Accutint Bellevue

Ben Aker

Window Tint Technician

Likes: Sunshine, Dogs, Cars
Dislikes: Rain, Tomatoes, Salt Water
Favorite Car: Nissan 300ZX TT

David Silva, Paint Protection Technician

David Silva

Paint Protection Manager / Lead Technician

Likes: Food, Parties, Hikes
Dislikes: Hangovers, Rainy Weather, Wine
Favorite Car: Porsche 911 GT3

Jorge Medina, Paint Protection Film Technician at Accutint Bellevue

Jorge Medina

Paint Protection Technician

Likes: Racing, Family Time, Shoes
Dislikes: Why We Haven't Discovered the Rest of the Ocean, My Broken Racecar, Super Hot Days (80+ degrees), Wasabi
Favorite Car: Midnight Purple R34 GTR Z-Tune

Andy Castillo, Window Tint Technician and Front Office Manager at Accutint Bellevue

Andy Castillo

Paint Protection Technician

Likes: Cars, Beef, The Gym
Dislikes: Rain, Running, Traffic
Favorite Car: Corvette C7 Z06

Craig Seward, Coatings Manager

Craig Seward

Coatings & Detail Technician
Team Leader / Trainer

Likes: Pizza, Techno, Conspiracy Theories
Dislikes: The Smell of Tuna, Dog Hair, The Possibility That There ls No Life After Death
Favorite Car: Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5 - L6 Evolution ll

Jordan Ingersoll, Detail Technician at Accutint Bellevue

Jordan Ingersoll

Coatings & Detail Technician

Likes: Motorcycles, Video Games, Cars
Dislikes: Rain, Spiders, Replacing a Clutch for the Nth Time
Favorite Car: Porsche GT3 RS, Ivory

Alex Weights, Coatings/Detail Technician at Accutint Bellevue

Alex Weights

Coatings & Detail Technician

Likes: Snowboarding, Beer, Dogs
Dislikes: Mushrooms, Wine, Chihuahuas
Favorite Car: Trophy Truck

Nate Drew, Commercial/ Residential Window Film Installation Manager Nate

Nate Drew

Commercial / Residential Window Film Installation Manager

Likes: House Music, Football, Snowboarding
Dislikes: Fruit Flies, 49ers Fans, Yard Work
Favorite Car: 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider

Meet Our Mascots!

Booker, Dog

Booker “The Looker”


Likes: His Dad, Marrow Bones, Chasing Balls
Dislikes: Ear Wash, Staying Home When Dad Leaves, Manicures
Favorite Toy: Stuffed Animals

J. DeBruler and Booker, his dog, looking over a rock barrier at the mountains beyond

Booker, a large dog, standing with front paws on counter and looking out of the window

Sadie, Dog


Canine Resources

Likes: Her Dad, Marrow Bones, Chasing Balls
Dislikes: Manicures, Leaving Marymoor Park, Being Told What to Do
Favorite Toy: Rubber "S" Toy

Sadie, a small dog, wearing a coyote vest and looking up

Sadie, a small dog, staring with attitude

Mascot Memorial

Forever in our hearts.


Norfolk Terrier




aka Chewbacca's Karma

A cute Rottweiler holds flower in his mouth


aka Neu-Rodes Moves like Jagger


aka Neu-Rodes Grand Illusion

Friendly black Rottweiler stands alert in grassy field


aka Neu-Rodes Liberty Bell

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