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Introducing “Rejuvenation Detailing”: Advanced Professional Auto Detailing

Car hood repair

Many people see the value in keeping the cars they love in the best possible condition. But, occasionally, there are problems that seem impossible to remedy. Advanced professional auto detailing can bring back the shine, smell, and look of your car to as close to showroom conditions as possible. Accutint Bellevue’s “rejuvenation detailing” delivers results are often night and day. 

Rejuvenation Detailing Offers Advanced Solutions to Common Problems

An inexperienced detailer may not have the knowledge or experience to tackle common problems, potentially worsening the issues or creating new ones altogether. At Accutint Bellevue, you can rest assured our team of rejuvenation technicians will resolve these issues properly, using advanced techniques, equipment, and products. We’ve listed a few common problems our rejuvenation techs encounter below, as well as their recommended solutions: 

Problem: I have chrome trim, but it’s looking dull and rusty.

Accutint Bellevue Solution: This is solved using a variety of hand techniques, tools, and metal polishes. The results: bright and shiny metal with sun protection.

Problem: My leather seats are dry and dingy-looking.

Accutint Bellevue Solution: We handle this by first cleaning the seats, extracting contaminants, and then deep conditioning the leather. This leaves you with clean, soft, and UV-protected leather!

Leather car seat rejuvenation

Problem: My carpet is full of dog hair and sand!

Accutint Bellevue Solution: Not to fear — with our tools and techniques, we remove virtually every hair and grain of sand. Your carpet will feel fresh, clean, and smell great to boot.

Problem: My black trim is looking dull.

Accutint Bellevue Solution: Cleaning and UV protection can rejuvenate that black look. 

Black car paint with swirls and scratchesShiny, black car paint after advanced auto detailing

Problem: I can see scratches and swirls in my car’s paint, and they really show up in the sun.

Accutint Bellevue Solution: An advanced 2+ paint correction is the solution for you! This removes 75–95% of noticeable scratches, adding a glossy mirror finish to the paint.

Problem: The black rubber door trim has turned white with age.

Accutint Bellevue Solution: The discoloration is caused by a build-up of waxes. Bringing the black back requires removing the dirt and old wax from the door trim, then protecting it from UV.

Problem: The Alcantara leather in my car looks dull and matted down.

Accutint Bellevue Solution: Using special cleaners, natural hair brushes, and microfibers, we restore the original supple feel of Alcantara synthetic suede.

Griot's Garage leather cleaner used in advanced detailing

As Described by a Professional Auto Detailer

Heather Bonneau, Detail Department Manager

One of Accutint Bellevue’s rejuvenation technicians, Heather Bonneau, describes rejuvenation detailing as an advanced auto detailing technique:

A rejuvenation tech has a desire — even a need — and a natural ability to solve problems. Such a person uses experience and research doesn’t give up easily and has an obsession for tending to the smallest details. 

After seeing and treating vehicle after vehicle, a detailer’s “tool bag” accumulates thousands of bits of information and strategy. This isn’t something learned from just washing a car. Over the years, seemingly random jobs tie together, converting a novice detailer into a true rejuvenation specialist.

Some Basics of Rejuvenation Detailing

Artists work in various mediums, like paint, clay, fabrics, wood, glass, etc. Likewise, the rejuvenation technician works with many different materials or “substrates” found in a vehicle. Examples include: 

  • Metal (e.g., steel, aluminum, and chrome) 
  • Paint (water-based, oil-based)
  • Dyes
  • Carbon fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastics (e.g., PMMA, PC, PE, PP, PETE, PVC, and ABS)
  • Rubber
  • Urethane film
  • Vinyl
  • Glass (e.g., ceramic, porcelain, tempered, and laminated)
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Fabrics (micro-fiber, cotton, burlap, canvas, etc.)

Each vehicle has a variety of these substrates, varying by manufacturer and year. They can be coated with different dyes, paints, etc.. And, of course, their condition will vary based on the age, wear and tear, and general state of the vehicle.

Plan Your Work / Work Your Plan

As an experienced detailer, I start my work by evaluating the vehicle’s condition. I will make a mental game plan of how to correct the problems at hand. I like to chat with the customers to determine what they find problematic, to point out other issues they have missed. Then I will confirm their objectives and expectations, what they hope for when I’m finished. Now I can finalize my plan and get to work.

All Cars are Not Created Equal

Yesterday’s 2019 red Outback will likely have completely different issues to address than the cars on today’s schedule. So you can’t go into work expecting each day to be the same. 

For instance, while yesterday’s Outback was a daily commuter, let’s say today’s Outback just returned from a long trip to the beach. I’ve been there, done that — so today I am expecting a different set of problems. We’ll have bug splatter on the front bumper, bird droppings, sand in the carpets, likely more than a few French fries ground into the floor mats, and perhaps ketchup stains. Maybe dog hair if the family dog made the trip, too.

Patience is Truly a Virtue

The condition of the sandy, beach-bum Outback requires very different techniques often unknown by an inexperienced detailer. For example, there’s the sand. Sand is abrasive, has sticky salt clinging to each grain. 

An inexperienced detailer will likely vacuum and brush the carpet until the fibers are blown out and frizzy, which will actually make the sand more difficult to remove.

I tackle sand in steps:

  1. I vacuum up larger particles, like the French fries we talked about. 
  2. I spray a cleaner onto the carpet to loosen the sticky salt that keeps the sand embedded in the carpet fibers. 
  3. I blow out the carpets, floor mats, and the rest of the car. 
  4. I spray a product on the carpet and floor mats that helps bring the dirt to the surface of the fibers. By spraying a mist of cleaner it helps reduce friction in the carpet which further reduces wear and tear. 
  5. I begin to vacuum. 

Even before I lay a finger on the carpet, I’m already trying to tackle a couple of things: dust the car down, loosen the sand, and blow it out of the car. This process reduces cleaning time and saves the carpet from aggressive vacuuming. In short, removing sand (as well as pet hair) is a “wash, rinse and repeat” ordeal, requiring time and patience that many detailers are unwilling to give.

Now — about that bug splatter on the front bumper, bird droppings, and sap. In just a day or two, especially if the sun bakes them dry, these stubborn substances can really mess up the clear coat of a vehicle, creating permanent stains and scaring. Removing them quickly and properly is key here; fresh bug splatter, for example, can usually be washed off with soap and water, but removal of cooked-on, sun-baked bug splatter takes more work, often involving a simple spray-on bug remover, then a process of buffing and polishing the etched-in bug splatter to fully remove it.

It also takes a bit more know-how to choose the right cleaner as there are numerous special cleaners and techniques used to remove bugs from vehicles. Knowing the differences between available chemicals is extremely important. Yes, I said chemicals. “Chemicals” sound scary and, honestly, they are a little when used improperly. That’s part of the reason we’re recommending you see a professional auto detailer with years of experience 😉

Visit Accutint Bellevue for Rejuvenation Detailing

Now that you understand the extra effort our detailers put into each job, we’re sure you can understand why we felt it necessary to call them something new, distinguishing them from other, less experienced detailers. If your vehicle is in need of advanced professional auto detailing, contact Accutint Bellevue to schedule time with one of our rejuvenation technicians. Our team looks forward to bringing new energy and vigor to your vehicle!

Introducing “Rejuvenation Detailing”: Advanced Professional Auto Detailing
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Introducing “Rejuvenation Detailing”: Advanced Professional Auto Detailing
Accutint Bellevue introduces rejuvenation detailing: advanced auto detailing for resolving difficult issues and breathing new life into cars.
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