The Team at Accutint Bellevue wanted to show its support of the Seahawks and convinced the “Oldster”, J. DeBruler, shop owner, to create the “Seahawks 12th Man Porsche Turbo”. His ‘07 Porsche 997 Turbo is now decorated with Seahawks colors and logos. Wherever he drove, the car got positive responses and was the subject of 1,000s of pictures taken by fans everywhere. J. had great fun taking the car to “visit” various sites and fan gatherings around the Seattle area.


Then a brainstorm, “The 12th Man Drive”: drive the car to “visit” the NFL stadiums in California, Arizona and Colorado! Take pictures of the journey and share them with the Seahawks fans! J.’s 9-day journey is now complete. And he was left with many memories which he hopes to share through his blog. But one memory stands out: everywhere he went he was met by Seahawks fans – and the comments they made would make anyone proud to be a Seahawks 12th Man!


Stay tuned for more Seahawks 12th man Porsche Turbo adventures!

And if you see the 12th Man Porsche around town, take a picture and share it using the caption #12thManDrive.

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