ClearBra Paint Protection

Your vehicle is an investment, so give it the protection it deserves.


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Clear bra application

The Problem:

  • Rocks, sand, and road debris
  • Deteriorating looks
  • Reduced resale value

Solution – ClearBra Paint Protection Provides:

  • Durable yet low-profile protection from the elements
  • Custom design to perfectly fit your vehicle’s make and model
  • Guaranteed to not lift, peel, or discolor

Dust, rocks, dirt and debris can take a toll on the body and reduce the value of your vehicle. ClearBra is a high-grade microfilm that protects your vehicle’s valuable paintwork.

Application of Clear Bra to white car

Every ClearBra application is custom designed to fit the year, make and model of your vehicle. At Accutint Bellevue, we have master technicians with more than 20 years of experience that guarantee high-quality and professional installation.

We use 3M Paint Protection for most applications, and carry other films for specific installations. We are constantly researching and testing new films to ensure we can provide the end user with the best product available in the industry.

Accutint Bellevue also provides a lifetime guarantee on installation. 3M provides a five year warranty on material which includes lifting, peeling, discoloration, penetration or defective film used in the application of the 3M film.

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Further information on our ClearBra solutions:

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