Accutint Bellevue Tinting Services

Aside from changing the look of your car, there are many benefits of automotive window tinting. including heat rejection, glare reduction, UV protection, security, privacy and even your safety. See our full list of  7 benefits of Automotive Tinting.


Our window tinting department is one of the most experienced in the industry. Each of our technicians is dedicated to providing you the highest quality installation possible. Our team has over 20 years  of experience tinting most vehicle makes and models, from entry level to extreme exotics.

Accutint Bellevue is dedicated to providing window tinting solutions that are at a level above all others’. Our “Master Installation” sets us apart from the competition:

  • We tint each window with a single piece of film resulting in a uniform finish with no gaps or seams.
  • Our technique allows  installation without removing  door panels; door panel removal can compromise the clips resulting is squeaks and rattles.
  • On the roll-up windows, we “tuck” the film in the channels and below the sweeps/felt and we wrap the film over the tops and then quarter-file the edge – no film edges showing – no gaps.
  • On the fixed windows we  tuck the film under the molding – no film edges showing – no gaps.

As a result, while our installations take longer than other shops, your windows look like they are tinted glass. We stand behind every install 100% and guarantee the quality of installation. The final result is sure to please you and fully meet your expectations.